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Koeboer Divination Symbols by WurdBendur Koeboer Divination Symbols by WurdBendur
In between everything else, I've managed to find time to throw one more thing together. This is a page of symbols, in no particular order, used in a divination system I created for my conworld. They're used throughout the Köbör Valley, and especially in the country by the same name. Other symbols are in use, but this page shows the usual set. It shows a description of what the symbol depicts, if anything, followed by the meaning used in divination.

The divination system works very much like rune stones. The diviner randomly draws a number of stones or pieces, each with one symbol on it. These are laid out in various patterns which provide a context for the stones. The patterns in this system, however, are more complex and generally created procedurally, depending upon fate just as much as the draw does. The most common pattern places six stones on a diamond-shaped grid, but other patterns may use just a few stones or can continue indefinitely.

Also, if you're into divination, feel free to give it a try. Since I just made it up, I make no promises. However, I'll be glad to provide more information upon request.

Yes, I made it a print, even though it may change in the future.

The English labels are set in Utopia Std Regular, and the title in Utopia Std Display. The symbols were drawn by hand with Illustrator's brush tool. All were treated with the Roughen effect before moving to Photoshop.

Finding a category for this was difficult, and I'm still not sure it's in the right place. The layout was done in Adobe Illustrator. Then it was rasterized and manipulated in Photoshop to produce the printed look. So it's vexel. And it's typographic. And it's ... I don't know what else. It's weird.
Skayler Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
Where Kobor Valley? I didn't understand that these symbols have origin
WurdBendur Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
It's a fictional place. These symbols are made up.
Skayler Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
oh shit XD I understand, too bad, I I used  for the divination bowl XD lol
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