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Out with the Old by WurdBendur Out with the Old by WurdBendur
I remember when floppies were all there was. They weren't cheep, but the 3.5" ones were relatively capacious by those standards. Sure, there were Zip and Jaz disks, and a bunch of other silly things, but they were expensive and by their very nature had a barrier to ubiquity by being proprietary and in direct compitetion with established standards. For the humble home user, they often just weren't practical. So the floppy reigned. Until CD-Rs came along. We had been using CDs for a while, but being able to write them was new and wonderful.
It seemed like a long time, but in retrospect, I see it really didn't take long at all for most people to throw out their floppies and move on. I certainly don't miss them. But when I found this diskette lying on the ground, trashed in such a picturesque way, it seemed a little sad. It made me laugh, though, because to me it was something very ancient that should have gone away long ago. It looks so feeble lying there, it's frailty on display. That crappy door that always breaks won't be breaking anymore. I had to fix so many of those in middle school... when people don't know how to treat their hardware, they break it and people like me have to come and save the day.
The world moves on, and some things have to be left behind. Especially if they can be smashed up in ways that look really cool. :)

The vertical bars are artifacts from scanning. Other problems are probably just the photo or the printing. This was shot with Ilford FP4 film with a yellow Y2 filter (perfect since the floppy was yellow). I don't remember my settings.
hangman52 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2006
Alas, poor floppies we knew ye to well. though like you said they won't be missed. I used floppies for an ungodly amount of time, until I lost a whole assignment by having to reformat the damned disc. needless to say I've started using flash drives since. nice pic though and the comments are indeed rather insightful
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May 29, 2006
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